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New location and new ticket price: Free!


Photo: Jena Werner

Since the untimely demise of CubeSpace, Digital Journalism Camp has been on the hunt for a new location. And now we’ve found one: The Oregonian.

You might think there’s a little irony in holding a conference on digital journalism at a newspaper that’s rooted in a print product. But that’s an overly narrow view. Remember this: It was traditional newspapers that first taught us what quality journalism was and could be. What better place than that to sit down and perfect some of the next major steps in a digital future.

Holding the conference at the O has another benefit: Tickets are now FREE! If you’ve been holding off on buying a ticket, now is the time to sign up. IMPORTANT: Space is limited so be sure to sign up early. The RSVP list will serve as the official reservation list. Priority will be given to those people on the list.

Many thanks to Mike Rogoway/@rogoway for helping make this location happen. Stay tuned later this week for an announcement on some of the sessions and panelists you’ll find on Aug. 1.

For the many people who’ve already purchased a ticket, refunds are currently being processed by Eventbrite. If you haven’t received one by tomorrow, please email journopdx at gmail.

  1. Dave permalink
    06/30/2009 7:06 pm

    Gotta say it’s a little ironic that Digital Journalism Camp will be held in Realspace vs. Cyberspace… Will there be a live Web cast of the event, or are we relegated to 140 character tweets throughout the whole thing?

  2. 06/30/2009 11:37 pm

    Dave- We’re working on the web cast issue right now. Do you have suggestions for anything else you’d like to see?


  3. 07/08/2009 1:45 am

    Kudos to the Oregonian for stepping up and offering their space. I am pleasently surprised.


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